Hi! We are Lunalux. A couple of townies who love to create cool things together. And we’re all about supporting local businesses. We get it. We’re one, too.

Jeff Valentine

Marketing Strategist

If you asked one of my heroes, George Hamilton, about my career he might describe me as one of those old-fashioned Madison Ave types. And he wouldn’t be too far off. 

For more than two decades as an ad man I’ve had the pleasure to work for clients of all sizes. Pfizer, Arizona State University, even an asteroid mining company. I started out in graphic design, made my way over to advertising, and managed to pick up an extraneous degree in psychology along the way. But now I’m trading in Madison Ave for Barker Cypress. As they say, I wasn’t born in Texas but I got here as fast as I could.


Shannon Valentine


As a professional photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot everything from megastar George Strait to cinnamon rolls. Absolutely delicious! And the cinnamon rolls weren’t bad either. 

With little more than a BFA in photography, a battered Nikon FE2, and a desire to kick some serious ass, I landed my first client in 1998 and I’m  still going. Nervous high school seniors. Designer cocktails at an upscale Houston steakhouse. My daughter and her friends playing volleyball. You’ll be able to tell…I love what I do!